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The B&K Midway

Something For Everyone

BK Carnival Ride.jpg

Round Up - 45 ft Round

Let gravity take over as the world spins by! Whirl at speeds of up to 25 miles per hour with an impressive light show and gentle tilting. Fun and exhilarating for the whole family!

YOYO Carnival Ride.jpg

YoYo - 75 ft Round

Up, up, and away on this carnival favorite. Guests will whirl around in a classic swing ride style while rocking back and fourth for an even more impressive experience. Great for all ages!

Barrel of Fun.jpg

Barrel of Fun - 32 ft Round

Round and around we go! Guests spring the inside table for an exhilarating ride. The fast they spin, the faster they glide! Great fun for a bit of team work. Fun for both groups and single riders.

Circus Train.jpg

Circus Train - 30 X 60 ft

We can see the smiles for miles from our tykes Circus Train. Hop aboard, Mom and Dad are welcome to join, and take a ride around the track. Great fun for the kiddos and wonderful

B&K Rides: Activities
Orient Express.jpg

Orient Express - 74 X 30 ft

All aboard the Orient Express. Race along the back of a speeding Chinese Dragon! Fast and fun for kids and parents alike, you're going to love the thrill of this ride!

Racing Cars.jpg

Racing Cars - 36 X 20 ft

Get ready for a race to fun! Tailored to tykes, this ride is something right out of NASCAR. Ready, get set, and race! Be sure to snap a few pictures, this one is always a favorite!

Bumper Cars.jpg

Bumper Cars 42 X 50 ft

If you hear tons of laughter coming from the midway, you must be close to Bumper Cars. Hop on in for a little mischievous fun. Great for sorting out a bit of family rivalry!


Scrambler - 60 ft Round

A classic for carnival goers for over 100 years, the Scrambler whirls around in a slinging motion bringing huge smiles to all who ride! Good, classic, carnival fun!

B&K Rides: Activities

Hurricane - 60 ft Round

Take to the sky at 25 miles per hour on the famous Hurricane! As the ride arms pulse up and down, guests glide through the sky  in their very own cloud rider! Fun for singles and groups.

Super Slide.jpg

Super Slide - 105 X 8 ft

Slip into a nostalgic state with a trip down memory lane. Experience that same playground fun from yesteryear on our Super Slide! Tons of fun for the whole family.

Tiny Tractors.jpg

Tiny Tractors - 32 ft Round

Let kiddos take a turn at riding the Big Tractor! Mom and Dad, you're going to want to grab the camera for this. Great fun even for the tiniest of tykes.

Car Combo .jpg

Cars & Motorcycle Jump - 32 ft Round

Fire trucks, motorcycles, jeeps, cars, and more, let the little ones try their hand at riding in the big rigs. Perfect for capture memories at the carnival.

B&K Rides: Activities
Ferris Wheel .jpg

Eli Ferris Wheel - 22 X 32 ft

What would the carnival be with out a tippy top ride on the iconic Ferris wheel? Grab the hole family and hop on for a Birdseye view of the whole scene. Wonderful way to end a trip to the carnival!

Hawg Heaven.jpg

Hawg Heaven Fun House 8 X 50 ft

Come on in and explore our fun-for-all-ages Fun House! Wade through the ball pit, navigate the obstacle course, and girl to the end down the slide!

Merry Go Round.jpg

Merry Go Round - 40 ft Round

Step right up riders, it's time to hop on board the Merry Go Round. A long time favorite of the very best midways, your certain to share memories of this classic for years to come.


Astroliner - 45 X 8 ft

Alright space travelers, this one is for you. As the doors close, prepare to blast through space aboard the Astroliner 2000! A great thrill for the whole family.

B&K Rides: Activities
Funny Farm.jpg

Funny Farm Fun House - 8 X 50 ft

Laughs, giggles, chuckles and more! That's what you can expect from the B&K Funny Farm Fun House. A mix of obstacle and fun, this one is always a big hit with guests.

Radical Run I.jpg

Radical Run I - 25 X 30 ft

Race to the top of the Radical Run I, bounce, and slide to a victory finish. Great for friends and family who enjoy a bit of friendly competition!

Sea Ray.jpg

Sea Ray - 50 X 8 ft

Soar through the sky aboard the great Searay. With a giant swinging motion, expect smiles and thrills galore! This one is just as fun to watch as it is to ride!

Sky Jump.jpg

Sky Jump - 32 ft Round

Hop, leap, and jump for the clouds on the Sky Jump. Carnival guests are carefully secured in a safety harness as they leap for the sky!

B&K Rides: Activities
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